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Publication: NBC Soaps
Bo is Brought In

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                   Wednesday, October 25, 2006



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Bo is brought in for assaulting Patrick. Carrie tells 
Austin she intends to confront Lexie.  

Steve continues to bond with Stephanie who urges her father 
to try to work things out with Kayla. Steve says he can't 
because he doesn't remember having any feelings for her, 
and he'd hate to hurt her by promising something he couldn't 

Later, we see Stephanie is bummed by the fact that Max 
hasn't come to see her. Meanwhile, Billie runs into Kayla 
and urges her to fight for Steve. Lexie tells Tek it's over 
but he refuses to believe her.  

Shawn and Willow find themselves in a bit of trouble on 
the Fancy Face III. We see they're headed into the direct 
path of a cluster of storms when the boat loses power. 
Shawn goes overboard, but is eventually rescued. 

Hope is thankful he's alive, but furious that Bo gave Shawn 
the keys to the boat. Tek proposes to Lexie in front of Abe 
but Lexie holds firm and says she's staying with Abe. 

Later, Lexie and Abe leave the restaurant together, but we 
see this triangle is far from over.  Hope and Bo are re-
lieved that Shawn's boating accident had minor physical 
consequences. But Hope is furious and blames Bo for once 
again putting their child in danger and not being there 
for his family. 

Patrick, having been told about the accident by a devious 
Chelsea, arrives in the middle of Bo and Hope's argument, 
making the situation worse. 

Later, Hope leaves Bo to clean up his mess and agrees to 
go away with Patrick for a weekend in Chicago. Chelsea, 
meanwhile, is delighted her plan is working.


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Tabitha and Julian threaten each other over custody of 


Jessica's intervention fails when Spike subtly threatens 
his wife about the murdered johns.  Jessica's friends and 
family are disheartened when she announces she's staying 
with Spike after all. 

Endora exacts revenge on Fox after he takes away her mag-
ical bag of chocolate.  Sheridan admits to Chris, in front 
of Fancy and Luis, that she still has feelings for Luis.  

Chris pulls Sheridan aside to ask if she is planning to 
go back to Luis.  Endora informs Tabitha she's not letting 
Kay and Miguel out of her head until they are engaged.  

Inside the ballroom in Endora's mind, Kay tells Miguel she 
still wants to marry Fox. Ethan discovers Rebecca having 
sex with J.T. on the hotel ledge.  J.T. shuffles down the 
ledge before Ethan can clearly see his face.  

At the police station, Sam tells Noah he believes that 
Spike is blackmailing Jessica.  Spike drags Jessica out 
to the red light district to sell herself.  When she pro-
tests, he threatens to turn her in for the johns' murders. 

Inside Endora's head, Kay quizzes Miguel: is he really over 
Charity?  When Fox realizes Kay is missing, Julian suggests 
he look for Miguel because they are likely togetherBoth 

Gwen and Theresa panic when Ethan tackles Rebecca and 
"J.T." Everyone except Ethan breathes a collective sigh 
of relief when "J.T." turns out to be a bellhop.  When 
Ethan questions Rebecca, she tells him she was with a 
bellhop named Alberto who happens to be from Rome.  


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