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Fight Ensues

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS:

A fight ensues between Meg and Paul. Craig crashes the
hospital board meeting.

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS:

Jade reveals to Luke that she's not really pregnant. Luke
tries to make Jade realize that there is no hope for her
in regards to Will and Jade makes a phone call. When Will
arrives at the hospital, he reads from Luke's attitude
that something is going on just as Gwen and Jade come

Will demands that Luke tell him what's up with Jade but
Luke covers and grabs the records before Will can discover
that Jade isn't pregnant.

Meanwhile, Jade tries to provoke Gwen into a physical
confrontation, determined to set Gwen up. When Will
arrives, Jade's attempts to stage an accident suddenly
backfire and a real accident occurs, injuring Jade badly.

Katie comes pounding on Simon's door and reams him out,
suggesting that he stop using Carly to get to her. Simon's
impassioned defense of Carly rocks a stunned Katie as she
realizes he's in love with Carly.

Later, unable to let it go, Katie sets out to discover if
Carly and Simon are sleeping together and Carly catches
Katie trying to break into Simon's suite. Everyone is
appalled at Craig's plan to name a foundation in Jennifer's

An especially irate Paul tears up Emily's press release
announcing the formation of the foundation. When he guilts
her, she fires back claiming she is just returning the
favor from when Paul ignored Jennifer's dying wish to set
Emily free.

Meanwhile, Craig comes to see Meg at the farm. He helps
her with some chores as she persuades him to drop the



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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Dinah is knocked out by an unseen assailant. Mallet is
more determined than ever to beat Jeffrey in catching the

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT:

About to be arrested, Olivia drops the bomb on Ava: She
is her mother. Ava's first instinct is to reject this as
a lie but Olivia hammers her with proof. Ava's not sure
what to think, but says she doesn't care what the truth
is and tells Frank to go ahead and arrest Olivia.

Alan Michael goes off and finds the hit man Olivia hired,
convincing him to testify in the hearing Alan has arranged.
Ava is not sure how she feels about the hearing, especially
when Coop tells her about Olivia's rape.

Reva decides it's time to make arrangements with a funeral
director. At the same time, Cassie-perhaps against her
better judgment-is trying to convince Josh that Reva is
in trouble and it might be time to intervene. Josh is wary.
But Cassie makes her case and makes it well.

Back at the funeral home, Reva finds herself struck by how
absurd it is to plan her own funeral, and she rebels against
it. She leaves, vulnerable, and runs into Josh, who has
sought her out. Josh tells Reva about Cassie's suspicions.
Reva covers with a lie. She says she has a gambling problem
and that Billy has been helping her hide it.

Jonathan has sets up a rendezvous with Tammy, but Tammy,
trying to keep her distance, hooks up with Remy and Marina
to sign the lease on a new apartment. Tammy goes and Jon
is devastated.

Later, thinking about fatherhood, Jonathan is haunted by
Alfred. When he mentions Tammy to Lizzie, she is furious.
She gets a pain, but Jon accuses her of using guilt to
hold him. Jonathan goes to Tammy and says he can't keep
up the charade anymore. He wants to divorce Lizzie.



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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL:

Thorne rejects Taylor's affection for him. Storm and
Brooke discuss how important it is to find a second
witness for Taylor's trial.

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL:

Taylor arrives at the police station and is photographed
and fingerprinted. She remains determined to see this
through her way and insists she doesn't need a lawyer.
Lt. Baker records Taylor's statement. She leaves out the
details of Shane's involvement and admits that it was an
accident, but she is not certain because she had been
drinking. Taylor reviews her transcript and signs it to
be admitted as evidence.

Thorne confides his feelings to Stephanie about Taylor's
actions. He is angry to learn that Stephanie knew about
the accident and convinced Taylor to keep her secret from

Taylor learns that Phoebe and Hector could be charged with
obstruction of justice for keeping her secret. LT. Baker
convinces Taylor to explain their part in her crime and
she admits that Stephanie knew about the accident as well.

Eric, Felicia, Dante, Jackie, and Sally are shocked when
they read about Taylor's confession in the newspaper.
Phoebe explains the accident to them and insists that it
was not Taylor's fault. She breaks down and they all try
to comfort her.

Ridge visits Thorne and tries to convince him to forgive
Taylor. Ridge wants Thorne to stop Taylor from pleading
guilty because she will get a mandatory ten years in prison.
The Judge accepts Taylor's guilty plea and plans the sen-
tencing in three weeks.

Taylor asks the judge to sentence her as soon as possible.



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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS:

Daniel calls Lily and tells her some good news. Paul
tells Michael that he's got some disturbing news about

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS:

Dru tells Lily that Carmen wanted to get her fired, so
Victoria insisted upon a leave of absence, and that she
doesn't want Devon to know about this. Later after Dru
is gone, Lily tells Devon the real reason why Dru left
work and that she was embarrassed to tell Devon the truth.
Devon becomes angry that Dru was lying to him again.

At the Abbott Estate, Jack, and Sharon relax with Ji Min
and tell him the about the history of N.V.P. As Ji Min
gets up, he suddenly cries out with stomach pain. Jack
quickly rushes him to the hospital, and soon finds out
that it was food poisoning, and that he will be okay.

At the coffeehouse, Billy arrives and sees Jana kiss
Kevin goodbye. After Kevin leaves, Billy takes the opport-
unity to talk to Jana. He invites her to take a tour of
his house, and she accepts. Just as Jana and Billy are
about to leave, Kevin returns, surprised to see them
together. Jana asks Billy if she can meet him at his
house, and assures Kevin that they are not going on a

Later, Jana arrives at the Chancellor Estate and she is
in awe by the elegance of everything.

Billy tries to flirt with her as he shows her around the
house and grounds. Meanwhile at the hospital, in a wheel-
chair, Lauren visits their baby in the nursery.

Michael and Lauren become emotional looking at their baby,
realizing that they finally have their family.


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