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Publication: ABC Soaps
Master Plan is Unraveling

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - ABC Soaps
                   Monday, October 23, 2006

Here's what's coming up next on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Tad shocks Krystal with a question out of left field. 
Bianca lends Josh a helping hand.  

Here's what just happened on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Just as Babe is about to reveal that she slept with Josh, 
JR interrupts by saying he knows that Colby was lying 
about being seduced by Josh. Although JR was leaning 
towards going along with Colby's lie just to see Josh 
destroyed, JR says he wants to be on the up-and-up as 
to prove his integrity to Babe. 

Overwhelmed with guilt, Babe promises to repair her 
damaged marriage, much to Colby's chagrin. Tad blames 
David for scaring the devil out of Annie, causing her 
to go on the run with Emma. Colby tells David not only 
about Josh and Babe's affair, but also that Krystal is 
pregnant and that Tad has a secret. 

Zach and Kendall make love after she can't help but tell 
him how much she loves him. Ryan is caught a little off 
guard when he hears that Kendall and Zach are back to-
gether again. Zach offers his apology to Ryan for thinking 
ill of him then assures Kendall that he's a one woman man. 

Bianca wonders what's going on with Erica and Jeff when 
she sees her mother leaving his room at the inn.

Tad starts feeling the pressure of possibly never learning
what really happened to Kate. JR see how deep Tad's feelings 
are for Dixie, whom he will stop at nothing to protect. 

Adam proves he's a big, old softy when it comes to his 
and Krystal's unborn baby.


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Here's what's coming up next on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Alexis realizes her master plan is unraveling before her 
eyes. Sonny explains to Liz about Jason nearly killing Ric.  

Here's what just happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Spying Ric overhears that Elizabeth's baby could be Jason's. 
Sam knows that Jason can't get past her one night indiscret-
ion with Ric and, on the same note, she's not sure she can 
accept the idea of Jason fathering Liz's baby. But after 
talking it out with Sonny, Sam realizes she still wants to 
build a life with Jason, even if the baby is his. 

Carly overhears Sonny's plan to derail her marriage and 
confronts him, saying she is going to marry Jax whether 
Sonny likes it or not. Sonny, however, pushes her button, 
saying her stronger connection is with him and Jason than 
with Jax. 

Pete blurts out in the middle of an argument with Lulu that 
he once killed someone while driving drunk when he was 
younger. Maxie fakes tears to guilt Lucky into comforting 
her just as Lulu arrives to see it all. 

Jax suggests making Alexis his "best person," which doesn't 
thrill Carly, who later caves in and agrees. An HIV patient 
requests Patrick as their surgeon of choice because of how 
he treated April. 

Liz pays Lucky a visit in rehab and sees how determined he 
is to clean up his act for "their" baby. After a fight 
with Maxie, Lulu tells Lucky he thinks Maxie could be fak-
ing her pregnancy. Jax wants to take Carly to Alaska to
tell Jane about their engagement in person.



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Here's what's coming up next on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 
Kevin has it out for Spencer and vows to make him pay 
for the hell he's caused the Buchanans. Rex gets some 
news for Cristian.

Here's what just happened on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Evangeline walks in on Cristian pummeling Nash and, of 
course, comes to the wrong conclusion about what's going 
on. Claudia comes to Cristian's defense, saying that Nash 
started the fight by attacking Cristian. 

At the same time, Jessica tells Viki she doesn't think 
that Nash will smoothly meld into the life she and Antonio 
are planning together and isn't quite sure how to tell 
him that. 

After a little arm-twisting on David's part, Spencer 
finally confesses that Asa is his father. Spencer tells 
David that their mother made him promise on her deathbed 
that he'd get revenge against the Buchanans after she 
died. David wants power of attorney, but Spencer refuses, 
saying he wants everything to be left to Hugh. 

Blair acts as if there's absolutely nothing wrong between 
them, which rubs Todd the wrong way and starts an unexpect-
ed argument. She attempts to explain that she's putting her 
all into fixing what's broken in their relationship, but 
her explanation falls on deaf ears. She is further annoyed 
when he turns around and assures Evangeline that he and 
Blair are, by no means, reconciling. Spencer's announcement 
that he's a Buchanan is met with skepticism by Bo, Clint 
and Kevin, who vow to find out if he's telling the proof 
or if he's up to something nefarious. 

Nora's health takes a turn for the worse during the hearing, 
but she pulls it together to order Spencer to take the wit-
ness stand. 

Meanwhile, Adriana gets the ball rolling on her plan to 
mess with Dorian.


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