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Publication: NBC Soaps
Sami Threatens Lucas

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                   Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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Sami threatens to kick Lucas out if he interferes with her 
relationship with EJ. Mimi gets a job at Chez Rouge and is 
trained by Willow. 


Lucas and Will try to sabotage Sami and EJ's date. An angry 
Philip confronts Kate over the fact that she knew Claire's 
true paternity but didn't tell him. Philip storms out of 
the restaurant after Kate lets it slip that Victor also knew. 

Later, Kate goes to Victor and asks him for his help regard-
ing the situation. Having driven into Victor's mansion with 
what was left of Max's race car, Shawn attempts to fight his 

Nico comes to Victor's defense and pulls him away. Later, 
Bo and Hope show up. While Bo lays into his father, Hope 
talks to Shawn. She feels partly responsible and vows to 
be there for him from now on. Shawn asks if she's going to 
reconcile with Bo, but Hope doesn't know. 

Belle is comforted by Marlena who urges her daughter to
make the right decision re: Philip. Mother and daughter 
do a visualization exercise and Belle finally realizes 
what she must do. She calls Philip and asks him to bring 
Claire over. 

Kate and EJ have always been drawn to each other. They 
start to make love on the desktop, when there's a knock
at the door. It's Sami! EJ hides, as Kate covers. Sami 
says she's looking for EJ because she wants to apologize. 

John and Marlena have a romantic reunion. Marlena never 
wants to be without John again. He vows she never will be. 
He'll be with Doc forever! As they kiss passionately, John 
carries her up the stairs, and we know they will make love.


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Simone and Paloma try to persuade Jessica to file a police
report against Spike. J.T. and Rebecca hide in the hotel 
room closet. 


As Miguel and Fox verbally batter one another, Tabitha 
suggests to worried Kay that the funeral she foresaw 
might be one of Kay's beaus. Finally, Tabitha shuts the 
boys down by threatening to kick them out if they don't 
compose themselves. 

Ethan interrogates Rebecca as to whether or not she knows 
J.T. Jumpy Becks denies that she does, even as she re-
ceives a barrage of text messages from the tabloid man. 
Tabitha realizes Endora granted Kay's wish that she had
never been born. Per Tabby's orders, Endora brings Kay 
back, but only as a specter. 

Kay watches as Fox and Miguel rave about their girlfriends, 
and she sadly notes they are both happier without her. 
Sheridan is suspicious when Chris dodges a question about 
his parents. Guilty Chris explains that he had to be care-
ful about his past when he was in witness protection. 

Lester holds Fancy at gunpoint as Luis and Sam try to 
reason with him. Luis tries to jump the mobster, and the 
gun goes off during the tussle. Paloma and Simone rush 
to Jessica's side after Spike knocks her down with forceful 

Whitney glows, feeling reassured that Chad is not cheating 
on her. However, a motel key drops out of Chad's pants, 
which goes unnoticed - for the time being. Ethan bursts 
into J.T.'s hotel room and is shocked to find Gwen in bed. 


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