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Publication: CBS Soaps
Finding Roses Daughter

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                 Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Lily questions Holden and Lucinda about finding Rose's 
daughter Theresa. Lucy and Dusty draw closer and finally 

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Jade proves to Will that she really is pregnant when she 
exits the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test. But, 
Will remains suspicious. 

Later, a woozy Jade passes out in Luke's arms and she 
refuses to go to the hospital. Luke finally convinces her 
to go and there, Luke finally learns the truth that Jade 
has been faking her pregnancy. 

Meanwhile, Casey and Maddie are together in Casey's dorm 
when they share a kiss. Lucy persuades Jack not to arrest 
Craig but assures him that Craig will move out and away 
from Johnny as soon as he is better.

Meanwhile, Emily learns Craig is back in town and meets 
with him to discuss the Intruder. She expresses her sole 
desire to reestablish herself as a professional and is 
stunned when Craig offers to make her a partner at the 

Emily agrees and reveals to Craig that her baby saved 
Johnny's life with a stem cell transplant. Craig hatches 
an idea then spots Bob and Kim, feeling they can help 
him start a foundation to help other sick children. They 
are skeptical he wants to name it in honor of Jennifer 
but Emily is secretly impressed by Craig using the perfect 
situation to ultimately upset Paul, Barbara and Dusty. 

Later, Bob presents Craig's plan to Barbara who vows to 
fight him to her last breath. Later, having discovered 
Craig's ruse about being ill, Lucy calls the cops on 
Craig and he leaves the Lakeview. 


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Buzz is angry with Olivia for what she's done. Gus and 
Harley's attempt to get pregnant runs into a roadblock. 

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

After Jonathan reveals Beth and Rick's affair, Mel leaves 
Towers-with Rick rushing after her-while Beth follows 
Alan home. Jon goes to Reva and she tells him she bought
the old fishing shack so that he and Tammy can meet up 
there and try to work things out. She also tells Jon about 
her plan to drive off into the sunset - plummeting to her 
death in a blaze of glory instead of dying in some bare 
hospital room. 

Cassie stumbles onto Jon and Reva together - and when she 
hears Reva mentioning "leaving," she's intrigued. Doing a 
little sleuthing, she finds Reva's bank statement and sees 
the massive withdrawals and deposits. Cassie tells Josh 
she thinks her sister's in trouble and she wants him to 
find out why. 

Meanwhile, Remy thinks Tammy should get an apartment with 
him and Marina. A talk with Josh convinces her to make the 
move. But she is torn when she gets a message from Jonathan 
that he wants to meet her at the old fishing shack. 

Olivia comes face-to-face with Ava, who gives her an 
ultimatum: turn herself in or Ava will. Later, Olivia
unburdens herself to Dinah, telling her everything-that 
Ava's the daughter she had to give up and that Ava's 
going to press charges. 

Meanwhile, Coop has learned that Ava is adopted and that 
Olivia is all too aware of it. He goes to Ava, and she 
pours out her desire to make Olivia pay for all the harm 
she's done. 


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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Thorne feels shocked and betrayed by Taylor's lies. 
Stephanie, Phoebe, and Hector worry that Thorne will 
call the police.

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Brooke tells Ridge that she has left Nick for good. Nick 
calls, but Brooke refuses to talk to him so Ridge picks 
up and tells Nick to stay away from Brooke. Donna tries 
to convince Brooke and Ridge not to get involved with 
each other again, but they ask her to leave so they can 
have a moment alone. 

Later, Nick arrives and Ridge tries to get him to leave. 
Nick tells Brooke that he is not the father of Bridget's 

Thorne calls Taylor and invites her to Big Bear, which she 
accepts. Thorne opens a package in his office that contains 
a jewelry box. Taylor tells Phoebe that she is going to 
tell Thorne that she killed Darla. 

Phoebe is scared that her mother will go to jail and just 
hopes that her and Thorne can work things out after he 
finds out the truth. Stephanie pressures Brooke to sign 
the papers. 

Nick arrives and pleads with Brooke for her forgiveness. 
Brooke asks both Nick and Stephanie to leave. Nick leaves 
and Stephanie pretends to leave, but reappears to persuade 
her to come back to the Forrester family. 

Phoebe calls Taylor and tells her that she wants to be 
there when she tells Thorne about Darla's accident but 
Taylor says she needs to do it by herself. Thorne wants 
a future with Taylor and offers her a ring. 


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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Dru finds Neil in the break room and informs him that 
Carmen got her fired. Carmen tells Victoria that she 
feels very threatened by Dru. 

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Lauren discovers copies of the emails that Jack and Mr. 
Nair exchanged. Michael tries to cover, saying that he 
got them off the Newman server, and needed them to prove 
that Jack was behind the Raaz Cosmetics Corporation. 

Michael represents Dru as she attends her parole violation 
hearing. Carmen is there with Will Bardwell. Neil stands 
and asks if he can speak on Dru's behalf, and addresses 
the judge, stating that their son just lost his hearing 
and really needs his mother at home with him until Dru's 
trial. The judge agrees to let Dru go home until the trial, 
and sets her bail at $25,000. 

Lauren furiously confronts Gloria that she knows that she 
and Michael have been up to. Lauren storms off to the 
coffeehouse and asks Kevin if it was his idea or Michael's
idea to snoop in Jack's business. 

Kevin reluctantly confesses that it was his idea. Michael 
stays overnight as Lauren tries to get through her labor 
pains. She delivers their son, but the doctors panic when 
the newborn can't breathe. They take him to the neonatal 
ICU, and then Lauren starts to hemorrhage. 

Michael briefs Gloria, Kevin, Phyllis, and Paul about his 
son and Lauren. Michael returns and tells Lauren that their 
son has 10 fingers and toes, and even grabbed his finger. 
They both start to cry and release their pent-up emotions. 


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