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Publication: NBC Soaps
Austin and Carrie Seen

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                   Wednesday, October 3, 2006


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Bo, Hope and Philip rush a stressed-out Belle to the 
hospital. Bonnie helps Mimi plan a seductive evening 
for Shawn. 


Lucas is blindsided when he sees Austin and Carrie kissing 
on the roof. Furious, he laces into his wife. Carrie is 
stricken as Lucas goes after Austin. 

Meanwhile, after getting a tip from EJ, Sami races up to 
the roof and witnesses Lucas fighting with Carrie and 
Austin. When Sami hears that Carrie has been unfaithful, 
she lashes out at her sister. Sami and Lucas make an emo-
tional appeal about how much they love and miss Will, and 
how they need the opportunity to make up for whatever 
wrongs they've done him. 

Later, Will slips into the apartment and wonders what's 
going on. 

Bo and Roman receive the final forensics report, as well 
as phone records stating that Patrick called Sami the day 
Will disappeared. 

At Dune, Kate, EJ, and Austin celebrate Will's return and 
the positive impact this is sure to have on their new TV 
station. The televised plea is sure to bring in the ratings. 

Carrie joins Austin and the two discuss Marlena's disappear-
ance. He does his best to reassure her that Marlena's going 
to be fine. 

Bo tells Hope that Claire is Shawn's son. Hope is blown away
by the news, thrilled to have a grandchild. 


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Theresa finalizes her will. Julian warns Fox that his 
mother has good instincts and may be right. 


Ivy is overjoyed when Fox spots Miguel making out with a 
woman they think is Kay. Both are surprised when they 
realize the woman is Siren. 

Eve tears into Valerie after catching her and Julian hav-
ing sex in his office. Julian defends his actions, point-
ing out Eve broke up with him. Fancy reiterates to Sher-
idan that she needs to let Luis know there is no chance 
they will ever be together. 

Later, Katherine forces Sheridan to reexamine her true 
feelings and asks her if she can really live without Luis. 
Theresa tells Whitney that she plans to focus on her fu-
ture with the charming Jared rather than pining for Ethan. 

Whitney confides to Theresa her fear that Chad has a sec-
ret. Luis mistakenly thinks that he and Sheridan are back 
together. She tries to set him right but as he talks about 
their future together, she gets swept up in his plans. 
Whitney continues to fear Chad is keeping a big secret 
from her, especially when she can't track him down. She 
confides to Theresa that she thinks Chad is having an 

Meanwhile, Chad waits at a seedy motel for a rendezvous 
with a mystery person who's running late.


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