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Publication: NBC Soaps
Kay Can't Resist

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                  Wednesday, September 27, 2006


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Sami and Lucas continue to fret over their missing son.
Belle and Mimi freak out. 


Jack and Jennifer are stranded in a cave which reminds 
them of the first time they made love. Jennifer worries 
about Jack's health, but Jack insists he's fine and for-
ages for food. 

Later, the two of them remember how much they love each 
other, and they begin to make love. 

Bo shows Hope everything they have against Patrick. It's 
finally clear to her that Bo didn't steal the disk con-
taining evidence against Chelsea. Hope apologizes for not 
believing him. Bo is heartened, certain this discovery 
will bring them together, but Hope is still a bit wary 
and unsure of their future. 

Later, Bo leaves Hope and says he'll await her decision. 

Bonnie, Mimi, and Shawn rush to the police station to 
find out what's going on with Patrick. Abe tells them 
that there's a good chance Patrick will be charged with 
murder. Both women visit Patrick who assures them he didn't 
commit the crime. 

Despite having had the night to digest the fact that he's 
Claire's father, Shawn is still in shock... And Mimi is 
worried about what this will mean for all of them. The 
Horton family throws an emotional going-away party for 
Jack, Jennifer, and Jack Jr. Everyone is thrilled that
Jack is in remission and back with Jennifer. 


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Kay can't resist Miguel's kisses. Paloma and Pilar push 
Luis to give Fancy a chance to make him happy. 


Whitney advises Theresa to move on with Jared and stop 
holding out hope for a future with Ethan. Meanwhile, 
Chad fears Ethan and Jared have killed each other after 
a bloody battle, but the two men regain consciousness. 
Once he sends Jared away, Chad confronts Ethan about his 
feelings for Theresa. 

Eve is livid when she finds out construction crews she 
did not hire are remodeling her office. Excited Julian 
tells his flabbergasted fiancée that it was all his idea. 
Now they can take a cruise on his yacht to Italy! Julian 
is taken aback when Eve is less than thrilled with his 

During her virtual reality police training, Fancy gets 
"shot," but still manages to apprehend the perp. Luis is 
impressed and privately admits to Fancy how much she 
means to him. 

Ethan has a heart-to-heart with Noah about his feelings 
for Gwen and Theresa. Meanwhile, Jared arranges for a 
stress-relieving -- and sensual -- workout for Theresa 
at the Crane Industries gym. They soon embark on a love-
making marathon. 

Spike visits Chris at Crane Industries to tell him to 
hurry up with the embezzling. Chris explains that he has 
to steal the money without arousing Theresa's suspicion. 
Spike offers to kill her if she is impeding his cash flow. 

At the bridal salon, Kay and Miguel indulge in a hot kiss. 


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