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Publication: ABC Soaps
Dixie Urges JR

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - ABC Soaps
                   Monday, September 25, 2006

Here's what's coming up next on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Dixie urges JR to search for his wife and make things 
right with her. Sydney is surprised by something she 
comes across.

Here's what just happened on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

After hearing she could be sent to jail for her part in 
the yacht accident, Colby hides in the tunnels of Chandler 
mansion. She and Sydney eavesdrop on Sean's flippant 
reaction to the news that Colby could be dead. 

Adam is comforted by a sympathetic Krystal when he becomes 
terrified that his daughter is dead. Kendall, Babe, Simone 
and Danielle enjoy some female bonding as they chat about 

Babe makes a choice between JR and JoshŠ and does NOT 
choose Josh. Ryan makes it clear he can't stop thinking 
about Kendall and that he wants to spend more time with 

Krystal lets her feelings for Adam spill out as she tells 
Tad what Adam has come to mean to her. Colby, meanwhile, 
is listening from the wings and discovers there's a big 
secret that they're keeping from Adam. 

Julia tells Di that she broke it off with Jamie because her 
feelings of friendship were turning to love. Josh refuses 
to continue to hide his love for Babe and kisses her. Jamie 
and Di both try to get JR to talk about his feelings, but 
he refuses. 

Krystal has a heart-to-heart with JR and warns him he'll 
lose Babe if he shuts her out.


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Here's what's coming up next on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Sam is devastated to learn that Alexis' lung collapses 
and she needs additional surgery, which could kill her. 
Carly's house is flooding. 

Here's what just happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

After her fall, Liz heads to GH, where Kelly confirms that 
the baby is okay. Robin tells Luke about a new experimental 
drug she'd like to try on Laura, but he says no. But after 
realizing how much Lulu could use her mother right now, he 
changes his mind and tells Robin to proceed with Laura's 

Sensing Jax's overwhelming concern for Alexis, Carly dis-
tracts him by asking him to take her and the boys sailing. 
Although they all had fun together, she pushes Jax away, 
saying she's afraid the boys will get close to him and 
he'll leave again. 

Meanwhile, a vindictive Colleen shuts off Emily's pager, 
causing her to get reprimanded by Monica when she misses 
a hospital crisis. Jason returns from South America and 
warns Sonny that an increasingly strong Lorenzo is prepp-
ing for an all-out war. 

Sonny plans to show Carly that Jax isn't her only romantic 
option by seducing her. Sam explains to Jason how she 
promised an ailing Alexis she'd stay away from him so they 
have to keep their reunion a secret. 

Liz is about to tell Jason that she's pregnant, but Sam 
arrives and interrupt the conversation. Sam later reconn-
ects with Jason and they confirm their secret commitment. 
Jason is still knee-deep in danger after he and Lorenzo 
again trade threats. 


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Here's what's coming up next on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 
John realizes he has defeated the demons that have 
haunted him for so long and daydreams about a future 
with Natalie. Evangeline turns to Todd for expertise. 

Here's what just happened on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

On the way to the bus depot, Spencer tries to ditch John 
and Hugh, who are following close behind. With gun in 
hand, Spencer heads to the docks and flashes back to the 
night he shot and killed John's father. Little does he 
know that John and Bo are nearby and waiting to pounce! 

Cristian gets much-needed moral support from Evangeline, 
Layla and Roxy as his fight starts. Aware that Cristian 
could get killed in the ring, Vincent is hit with a wave 
of guilt but realizes it's too late to stop the fight. 

Abbott's trainer douses his gloves with a liquid that 
promises to make Cristian dopey. A disoriented Cristian 
tries to remain upright but, in the end, collapses thanks 
to Vincent's doing. After learning he is being accused of 
throwing the fight, Cristian tells Evangeline he was 

Meanwhile, Antonio and Jessica are thrilled about their 
engagement and the idea of making a life with their 
daughters. Dorian claims she had nothing to do with
Adriana's kidnapping, but Kelly and Blair are skeptical. 
Adriana decides to make it her mission to get back at 

For the first in a long time, Kevin and Kelly a civil 


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