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Publication: NBC Soaps
Bo Hauls Chelsea

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                   Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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Mimi is unsettled as Shawn tells Claire a touching 
bedtime story. Bo hauls Chelsea into police station 
for questioning. 


Sami and EJ are locked in a passionate embrace, about 
to make love when Sami suddenly pulls back thinking 
she heard a noise in the hallway. A shirtless EJ marches 
to the door and throws it open only to find Austin and 
Lucas. EJ quickly explains away his state of dress while 
Sami hides his shirt and the note. 

Later, Lucas confronts EJ saying he doesn't trust him. 

Carrie visits Marlena at the hospital where she finally 
admits she's in love with Austin. Marlena encourages her 
daughter to be with the man she loves. 

Sami is distraught after receiving a threatening note 
warning her to give up custody of Will. On the rooftop, 
Austin tries to convince Carrie that they belong together. 
Carrie reminds him that she can't have children. She 
knows it's always been Austin's dream to have a child of 
his own. 

Austin says his only dream is to be with her. Later, 
Carrie finally agrees to a future with Austin and they 
begin to make love. Bo is upset when he finds 

Patrick and Hope together for her ultrasound. The two 
bond as they see a "picture" of the new life they've 
created. At the same time, Marlena tells John about her 
new job in New Jersey. He's happy for her, and the couple 
is hopeful that in the long-run this will help bring them 


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Jared confesses he is falling in love with "Tess." 
Miguel heads back home to win Kay back. 


Julian surprises Eve with a romantic dinner on the 
hospital rooftop. The estranged couple reconnects, 
but the mood is broken when Eve has to take several 
calls regarding TC. 

Spike's associate begins to sexually assault Jessica, 
but Paloma and Roberto rescue her just in time. During 
the blackout at the Seacliff Inn, Ethan and Theresa 
make love, thinking they are with Gwen and Jared, 
respectively. The two are horrified when the lights 
come back on and they realize what they have done. 

During a power outage at the hotel, Theresa is attacked 
by a mysterious stranger. She screams for help and Ethan 
comes to the rescue, followed by reluctant Gwen. 

When Ethan arrives on the scene to find Jared standing by 
Theresa, he assumes Jared was the assailant. With one 
punch from his mighty fist, Ethan knocks Jared out cold. 
Theresa unloads her fury on Ethan after learning he took 
on the Stuart Allen case. She's even more furious once 
she realizes he only accepted the case after seeing her 
and Jared making love. Theresa thunders about Ethan's 
betrayal of taking the case against Crane Industries. 
She and Jared prepare themselves for the lawsuit. 

Theresa vows that she will win no matter what. Julian 
shows up to ask Theresa if she is up to the task of 
fighting Ethan in court. She assures him that she will 
use every available resource to defeat Ethan. 

Julian offers Jared a job spying on Theresa. 


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